TURN DOWN THE VOLUME before you start to play this, I am serious!  I recorded it too loud!

Okay, so this is the audio (only) of “The Cross Weather Witch” read-along book, and it DOES have Majesty’s speaking voice (near the end, I think.)

Also they gave the Weather Witch an “old crone” voice even though she looks like this:

I can't find the comic about how the Twinkle Eye ponies got their Twinkle Eyes, can you link me to it?
Apparently there's an audio version of "The Trolls and the Castle of Darkness", MLW had a picture of the tape. You have any info on that? Because I REALLY want canon Majesty voice.

I have the book, but not the tape!  But I think I do have a different UK tape with Majesty’s voice on it.  Her voice was very soft and upper-class, but not … snottily so?

They also had two different songs for her to sing (spell-songs, you know) and clearly didn’t give the poor VA any guidance or tune to sing to and just left her to wing it.

What is your ebay user?

twentypercentcooler is my eBay ID.  I am mildly surprised I managed to get it.

Right now I’m selling some lots of G1 pony accessories:

G1 baby accessories

G1 Princess Pony accessories

G1 Megan and Ponywear lot (also includes Molly)

G1 general accessories

That last lot is going to be reeeeally good value because I basically dumped everything I didn’t want to store anymore into one lot, but was too lazy to take individual pictures.

in the last picture of the sand wizards visit a ponys horn is transparent

Ha ha, yeah!  Sometimes they’d start to draw a pony as a pegasus or a unicorn and then realize, WHOOPS, not supposed to happen!  And they’d just leave it uncolored and hope no one would notice.

Hi there! Been following this blog for a while now, and I just want to say thank you for making it. I have one of the UK comics (got it in an MLP showbag when I was about seven years old) and it's nice to see all of the different stories. Who would you say are your fave ponies from each gen. that you've followed?

You are very welcome!  I grew up in the US without the comics, so it gives me great pleasure to share them with people who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to see them.  :)

If we’re going off pony personalities … 

G1:  Majesty for being so ridiculously understand and ridiculously hardcore, Lemon Drop for not having any special pony powers yet still volunteering to go on multiple dangerous rescue missions, and Gypsy because there’s a comic where she makes this kid wear a ridiculous hat the entire time.  (Also, her powers.)

G2:  I haven’t seen many of the comics from it, but I’d say Light Heart the prankster and Dainty Dove the delusional wannabe bride.

G3:  Minty, of course!  Kimono and Star Catcher too.

G4:  Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy.


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My Favourite Set of All ☆

So that’s another pony birthday … Dibbles, Nibbles, Sniffles, and Snookums all have a birthday on June 13th.