"Big-head" flutter ponies vs. "Small-head" flutter ponies

The first six flutter ponies had two molds:  the striding mold and the standing-still mold.

HOWEVER!  There were also variations of each mold!  These ponies are all in the striding pose, but you can clearly see that Honeysuckle (pink) has a much shorter stride than Forget-Me-Not or Peach Blossom.  That’s because Honeysuckle is in the Big Head mold and the other two are in Small Head molds.

The Big Head molds have, as you would expect, bigger heads. Their mouths are different, their eyes tend to look “upward” more than forward, and they look kind of stoned. You can really see the head difference if you compare Forget-Me-Not’s neck to Honeysuckle.  Forget-Me-Not has a neck like a swan.  Honeysuckle has a neck like a duck.

There are also Big Head and Small Head versions of the “standing still” ponies (Lily, Rosedust, and Morning Glory). 


So there were two versions of Honeysuckle sold, two versions of Lily, etc?


Does this have anything to do with the country where the pony was manufactured or sold?

No, they were all made in Hong Kong and both versions were sold in the US.

Does it have anything to do with the year of manufacture? (First set of flutters vs second set of flutters?) 

No, because half these ponies were only sold in Year 4.

So why the variation?

LOL beats me!

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