Feels like Spring.


Feels like Spring.

A Shock For Applejack

Source: My Little Pony comic #15

Comments:  Admit it, Majesty, you just didn’t want to help.

A Posy for the Princess

Issue: My Little Pony comic #23

Comments:  Look at the size of that cake, holy—!


Cherry blossoms by ~kicked-in-teeth

Moondancer’s Mischievous Magic

Source: My Little Pony comic #6 (G1)

Comments:  This is my thousandth post, so I looked for a comic featuring my favorite childhood pony, Moondancer!  This comic is very close to her backcard story (except on the backcard Twilight comes looking for Cotton Candy).  I remember being completely enthralled with this pony drama as a little girl. 


My Little Pony comic #13, “Dream Castle Spring Clean”, 1985

Title:: Pony Land in Danger, Part 2 of 3. (See also Part 1 and Part 3.)

Summary: A nefarious red cloud is roiling towards Ponyland. If it finds a single red object, it will take over the kingdom!


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  • Parasol Plush & Doll
  • Blossom Plush & Doll
  • Moondancer Plush & Doll
  • Bowtie Plush & Doll
  • Starshine Plush & Doll
  • Cotton Candy Plush & Doll
  • Surprise Adult & Baby Plushes & Baby Surprise Doll
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The Magic Comb

Source: My Little Pony and Friends comic #2 (G1)

Comments: G1 pony comics, ladies and gentlemen.

I particularly like this story because of the clever twist (the comb exchange) and because the ending is so ironic. The ponies don’t even know that Ebony is their enemy, they don’t even know that she’s running off to a horrible fate. And because of that, she will never ever escape. Because the Witch Princess laughing her butt off is clearly not going to stage a rescue.

Speaking of which, THE WITCH PRINCESS. Throwing a garden party. Glorious, glorious G1.

Dream Castle Spring Clean

Source: My Little Pony comic #13 (G1)

Comments: I know I always keep my shoes in vases.