I know I’ve posted this one before, but it deserves an Easter repost! Happy Psychadelic Egg Sweets Day!

Story Title: The Easter Party

Issue: Spring Special, 1986 (G1)

Comments: An Easter story may seem like a strange choice for October, but can you deny the Halloween vibe in this story? Costumes, candy, and terrifying, unexplainable happenings. This is by far the weirdest and most unsettling pony story I’ve ever read. I still am not sure what exactly is happening in it, and I have not even eaten any of Sweetie’s “egg treats”, which is to say “potent drugs.”

You may remember that this is not the first time Sweetie’s footstuffs have caused strangeness.

Glorious Quotes: “The Mad Magician was a rabbit, then he laughed a river, and he’s got Baby Glory in a boat!”