Fairy Tail Birds (“birds with happy endings”) were also made by Hasbro.

If you look at the Tropical birds, you may spot something familiar compared to the Tropical ponies.  Yes, that’s right … shared names.  With the “Tails” part cropped off, except for Tootie Tails.

Rainbow Rider’s Birthday Adventure (book)

Continuation from this post. Be sure to look at that one, you do NOT want to miss that incredibly smug pegasus!

Comments: Surfing Days, the pegasus, is glaring at her companions as though she’s about to punch them out and Hula Hula is planning on teaching palm trees to dance. It should be noted that that pony known as Hula Hula in the UK was called Pina Colada in the US … sounds like she’s had a few already!

The ponies agree to stand in a boat. The pegasus possibly turns into a sea pony once on board. She seems ticked off about it. But not as ticked as Hula Hula (aka Pina Colada), who is positively GLARING out at the viewer. I think she’s angry about what’s happening to her hair … whatever it is. Like, seriously, what is happening to her hair??