My Little Pony comic #25, “Seaside Concert”

Story Title: A Worrying Time, Part 2

See Also: Part 1 and Part 3

Summary: Applejack is comatose, and will sleep for a hundred years unless the ponies can get into the magical herb garden for the ingredients to cure her! But it’s not as simple as it seems …

Comments: Firefly looks as though she’s about to eat the little green man.

My Little Pony comic #24, “The Dancing Dragon”

Story Title: A Worrying Time, Part 1

See Also: Part 2 and Part 3

Summary: Cotton Candy accidentally eats Applejack’s birthday hat. Then Applejack bites into a magic apple and falls down to lie “still, ever so still.” Then a witch turns up to inform Cotton Candy that Applejack will now sleep for a hundred years. I love G1 comics.